How Does Quality Management Solve Problems? Many people think quality management is quality assurance or quality control. They also think marketing is only promotions that generate awareness. But that’s another story… I grew up in the homebuilding industry. My dad… read more

How to Get Your Employees to Focus on Quality

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How to Maintain Your Integrity

What is integrity? With apologies to Jeremy Clarkson, some say it is who you are when no one else is watching, and that without integrity—you aren’t authentic. But what if you aren’t a nice person? Would we say that a proper villain like Hitler had… read more

What is Possible?

What is Possible? I have an imagination and I’m not afraid to use it. I had an employee give me a button to wear with that on it- and I wore it every day at that workplace. When I was much younger, relatives called me “Spock” because I would comment on… read more

You Are Capable

Think of all the complex tasks you do everyday. Driving cars, playing musical instruments, the very act of handwriting- these are very complex activities. Take teeth brushing, for instance. Somehow you have to maneuver your meat-covered skeleton mad… read more

Online Train the Trainer Course

Online Train the Trainer courses can be tricky to navigate through- often they are simply screen capture videos of narrated slide decks! I don’t believe that’s the best way to teach evidence-based principles. Our online Train the Trainer course provides… read more

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