Field Inspector Training

Not only do you get highly trained employees- but a successful Provider-certified HERS Rating Field Inspector!

Rating Field Inspector training is the first step to becoming certified in the exciting field of applied building science. To earn this RESNET certification, the candidate must be able to climb ladders, carry 35 pounds, pass a National Core Competency academic exam, a Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) and Workscope academic exam, a graded field evaluation, a CAZ simulator exam, and if you are going to work on ENERGY STAR New Homes verifications- an ENERGY STAR exam. You must also perform 5 probationary verifications under the direct supervision of a Quality Assurance Designee (QAD), a Quality Assurance Designee Delegate (QADD), or Certified Rater.

HERS Rating Field Inspector Training Roadmap

I’ve designed a course that provides both the education and training needed to become a RESNET certified Rating Field Inspector. We’ve produced one of the highest rated HERS training programs in the history of the industry- that’s not brag, that’s fact!

Our Rating Field Inspector training program is conducted in two phases.

Phase One: Online Rating Field Inspector Education

Phase One consists of online education modules delivered through our learning platform. These modules must be completed within 12 months- so this really is “Learn at Your Own Pace”!

These modules include:

  • Industry Overview
  • Ethics
  • Climate
  • Energy Code
  • Reference Home
  • HERS Index
  • Rating Types
  • Quality Assurance
  • Construction Math
  • Building Science
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction & Commissioning
  • Indoor Air Quality

After you have successfully completed these modules in sequence (about 23 hours of content), you will take the web-based RESNET Rating Field Inspector academic exam. When you have passed that academic exam, the next exam in our Rating Field Inspector training is the RESNET CAZ & Workscope academic exam, also web-based.

After you have passed the Rating Field Inspector and CAZ & Workscope exams, you can move on to the final online education module, the ENERGY STAR New Homes program. Once you have completed the ENERGY STAR module (about 6 hours of content), you will take the ENERGY STAR exam.


All exams must be arranged through us and administered by a local proctor (public library, technical school, college, or university) of your choice. We will need the proctor’s name, organization, phone number, email address, and physical address to make those arrangements. We will send the proctor the exam information and proctoring instructions. NOTE: All proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student.

Test Fees
The RESNET test fees are paid by the student directly to RESNET when logging in to the exam, using MasterCard or VISA and RESNET’s secure server. Those test fees are:

  1. Rating Field Inspector academic exam, $50.00
  2. CAZ & Workscope academic exam, $50.00
  3. ENERGY STAR exam, included with the Phase One Rating Field Inspector Training course fee

Phase One Online Rating Field Inspector Training: $250.00

Call us at 423-838-5095 to register for the online Rating Field Inspector Training!

Phase Two: Instructor-led Field Inspector Training
After you submit proof that you have passed the exams in Phase One, you will be invited to attend the instructor-led Field Inspector training where you will learn the basics of collecting the required site data and how to perform the tests required for a HERS Rating and ENERGY STAR verification. To see our schedule for these events, please visit our Upcoming Events.

Phase Two Instructor-led Field Inspector Training, 1 day: $400.00
Call us at 423-838-5095 to register for the instructor-led Rating Field Inspector training!

After you complete the field evaluation, you will take the ResCAZ simulator training online and within two weeks, the ResCAZ simulator exam. The simulator training and exam fee is paid directly to the test vendor with MasterCard or VISA using their secure server. This exam will require a proctor. All proctor and exam fees are the responsibility of the student.

ResCAZ simulator training and exam fee: $199.00

Students will need to bring:

  • Calculator with square root function
  • 35′ tape measuree
  • Hard hat
  • Architect’s scale
  • Pen or pencil
  • Notepad
  • Notepad
  • Directional compass
We also provide this training for clients using our mobile training team.
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