Green Job Training Programs have a large variation in quality.

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Green job training is critical to the sustainability of residential construction. RESNET certifications such as HERS Rater or Rating Field Inspector have become the dominant certification in the industry. Some HERS Rater training programs deliver the minimum requirements of the RESNET training standard, some deliver a bit better than the minimum required, and others view the RESNET requirements as the foundation upon which we build a superior HERS Rater training program.

How do we do that?

  • We keep our class sizes small, allowing more interaction between the instructor and rater candidates. We are not a certificate mill.
  • We have designed our curriculum to maximize the potential for candidates to learn how to do the work- not just regurgitate information to pass a test.
  • We are passionate about raising the next generation of Raters who will join us in the fight to win America’s energy independence.
  • We have tons of experience as working Raters- and Trainers. And we perform both roles pretty damn well.

Education opens and enriches the individual’s mind, producing a thinking worker. Unlike our current system in America, we do NOT produce drones to work in a shrinking manufacturing-based economy- instead, we produce thinking workers for an expanding knowledge-based economy.

Green job training teaches an individual how to perform specific tasks related to sustainable residential construction more efficiently and effectively. A RESNET-accredited Training Provider, we specialize in green job training for Home Energy Raters and Rating Field Inspectors. This industry has recently seen explosive growth, going from over 130,000 homes rated nationally in 2012 to over 200,000 homes rated nationally in 2013.

To produce an educated and trained Home Energy Rater or Rating Field Inspector, we developed a HERS training program that is second to none.

Our HERS Rater training program is the best in the country – in 2012, 100% of our students passed the National Exam the first time, all with scores in the 90’s (and a couple who scored 100!).

But that Rater training method proved to be very expensive, particularly since it was 10 days long! This presented me with another problem to solve- how can we deliver high quality, engaging education and training at a lower cost?

Using evidence-based principles, I designed a “flipped” hybrid Rater training program, one that I have already successfully deployed in a beta-test- so here it is!

Before a student shows up for an instructor-led HERS Training event, they must first complete modules of online education delivered through our learning platform AND successfully complete the National Core Competency Exams set up through us and administered by a local proctor such as a public library, technical school, college, or university. Once the required exams have been passed by the student, they will be invited to attend the instructor-led training where they will learn how to perform site data collection, performance testing, and- if they are pursuing Rater certification- how to use the energy modeling software more efficiently and effectively.

Why did we change? We changed our training delivery method because we identified some challenges during our beta-testing. The first problem we encountered: students didn’t think the online education modules were important enough to go through!

Sure, they had loads of excuses: “My boss didn’t tell me this was important”, “I got swamped at work”, “My home life is hectic”, and my personal favorite- “You should just tell me what I need to memorize so I can pass the test”!

I don’t buy that BS at all- if you don’t think knowing how to do your job more efficiently and effectively is important- you should get out of private industry and get a job with the Postal Service! We are all very busy, but your failure to manage your own learning process doesn’t give you the right to take away from the students who did- and it certainly doesn’t give you the right to waste my time that I devote to investing into the life of someone who cares about their future. And if you think I’m going to provide Rater training by telling you what you need to know just to pass the test, you are in for a surprise!

My goal is NOT to provide HERS Rater training- it is to produce educated HERS Raters!

Why? Because turning out poorly trained and educated Raters (the Rater certificate mills) costs the employer more money and increases quality assurance problems! In fact, these problems increase the cost of performing HERS Ratings:

  1. turning out second-class Rating Field Inspectors or Raters because they are trained by second-class HERS Rater trainers
  2. taking too little time to properly teach Rating Field Inspector training or Rater training
  3. putting improperly trained Rating Field Inspectors and Raters into production work
  4. hiring people who lack the mental wattage to perform HERS Ratings
  5. continuing to provide Rating Field Inspector training or Rater training to your employees after it is apparent they aren’t suited for this industry

With IBS Advisors and our Rating Field Inspector Training and Rater Training programs, you can get an educated worker at a lower cost.

We also teach our methods to others through our Train the Trainer program. Focusing on teaching adults how to do a job (any job), we use evidence-based learning principles to teach the skills needed to be a great trainer.

In addition to our HERS Rater training, we provide training in HVAC design, particularly as it relates to high performance homes. We cover Manuals J and S, with an emphasis on getting HVAC integrated early in the design and construction process.

If you want to become the best, you should be trained by the best!

You deserve to have the best training, proven to have results you can count on.
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